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The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center offers Spanish instruction as part of our curriculum during the academic year. Our Spanish Teacher will give the children Spanish instruction once a week. Each class is 30 minutes long. The Spanish Teacher will work with the children sharing the language through fun and interactive stories, songs, labeling common objects and conversational Spanish. Teachers reinforce these songs and vocabulary in their circles and everyday life in school.


Each month your child will participate in Story Stretchers. The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center understands the importance of literacy. Our goal is to inspire in children a love of reading. We strive to make story telling magical, an adventure! A different book will be chosen each month and we will offer the children fun activities and lessons taken from the book.


Once a week your child will participate in Movin' & Groovin'. The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center realizes that during the early childhood years musical development is crucial to the child's "whole" development. Playing, singing, and dancing to music will promote the child's eye-hand coordination, as well as increase their fine and gross motor skills. Children who have had the opportunity to enjoy music during their early childhood years tend to perform better in reading and math in their primary education years. As well, these children typically have higher self-esteem and have better control of their bodies. The children will be offered a different music and movement activity to get them movin' & groovin' in Jennie's house each week.


To augment the children's lives in the cottages, parents may choose to have their children participate in other A la Carte Activities at our school. Some of the classes will be taught by our staff while others may be taught by an outside service. Examples of some of the classes that will be offered are Messy Magic, Tasty Tales, Petite Picasso, Rollin' in the Dough, Cooking and Crafts, Story Time Yoga, Fundamentals of Dance, Stretch & Grow, and Computertots.